Get ready for the Muckiest experience of your life!

Mucky Races are not for the faint hearted! Okay, our obstacle courses are designed to be challenging but most importantly, they're good fun and suitable for racers of all abilities and ages. You don't have to be a 6ft muscle god or supreme athlete to take part in our races! But if you are, your still welcome and will be leaving with a smile.

We don't claim to be the biggest, toughest, longest or highest... But we DO try to be one of the most FUN.

We are a Mud Run with some Obstacles, Not an OCR, But we do Make a good OCR playground and training course, Ideal for those looking at getting into the Sport and equally as fun for those looking to get off the tarmac and into the Mud!!!

Guaranteed a good time!

When you book onto one of our events one thing is for sure, you're guaranteed a good time! Whichever event you choose to run there'll be plenty of mud, hills, obstacles, water hazards, jumps and hurdles to overcome whatever your ability there is a sense of achievement.

We try to make it as spectator friendly as possible, however we cannot garuntee mid-course veiwing.... After all They are Running Spectators are Walking......

Mini Mucker Junior Races

Where Possible, Mini Mucker Junior races will be ran after the Adult waves,1km or so section of the Adult course adapted to be mini mucker friendly.... for the mini-muckers aged 4-12, so why not make a day of it and bring the kids too.....

Mucky ratings

We rate our courses between 1 and 5 taking into account the amount of mud and the amount and difficulty of the obstacles, but remember... all our races are accessible and achievable by EVERYONE.

Check out the details and Muddy rating of your chosen race(s) for more information.

Our venues

We always try to go for venues which are naturally muddy and challenging. Unlike some other obstacle race companies, we don't shoehorn obstacles into unsuitable venues! We make the most of the surrounding landscape and terrain to deliver a thrilling, exciting and challenging experience.

5km or 10km options

Some of our venues offer the choice of either 5km or 10km runs depending on your level of fitness – all our races are chip timed too so you can see how well you've done. At the end of the day though, it's not about the time it takes to complete a race, but the journey along the way. It's about having a good time with your mates and pushing yourself – how far can you go?!

Free parking

There's plenty of parking at all our race venues and it's FREE too! With the option to make a donation to charity if you wish, We support different causes throughout the year but they are all worthy causes.....

On the day

Check out our helpful guide to getting ready for race day