mucky mayhem

19 Sep 2015

Suffolk, IP17 3QT

Brand new venue for 2015 in the quiet village of Saxmundham,
Suffolk, these 5 and 10 kilometre courses are a chance to get close to nature and for  nature to get close to you. (Watch out for the years newly released game birds they are quite vicious)

Not alot in the way of hills in this part of the country but that won’t stop us making a challenging course... you will be climbing crawling, jumping, running and wading through this slightly faster paced race......As always it will be a Race full of Fun, Mud and laughter

Not to mention a great opportunity to spend time with likeminded people from the Mucky Races community.

Heats will set off in 15minute intervals....and you can enter as an individual or in a group.

But remember it’s not how quickly you do it, it’s having the courage to start and the drive to finish that counts.

  • 5km and 10k course
  • Climbs
  • Mud pits
  • Water obstacles
  • Crawls
  • Food and drink
  • Goodie bag including a Mucky Races T-shirt
  • ULTM8 Warrior children’s course on site