Mud Running

What is mud running?

Running on the road or on a tread mill is a fantastic workout, but admit it, it can get a little boring. Mud running, takes the training you have done and pushes it to the limit (in a fun way) providing you with that extra challenge and working your body in ways you never thought a race could.

Every one of our mud running races is different, but you can be sure to expect sticky mud pits, gruelling hill climbs and some of the most epic water obstacles around.

Mud running races from Mucky Races are, fun, challenging, safe but muddy and offer you an alternative to your usual running routine, giving you; the opportunity to make new like-minded friends whilst traipsing through mud up to your waist, bragging rights which you can share with your family, Facebook friends and Twitter followers and most importantly the achievement of completing one of the toughest races around.

Is mud running for me?

Mud running is not for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants to give it a try, our mud running races are not just about reaching the finish line faster than everyone else, they are about breaking out of your comfort zone, getting covered in mud, pushing your body to the next level and often working together with other people to find your way through the mud to cross the finish line.

If you’re the sort of person who say’s “No problem” to losing a shoe, or “LOL” to face-planting into the mud then you’re the type of person who can take on mud running and win! Find your nearest mud running race.

Find your nearest mud running race.